Spiral staircases and more

Custom Stainless Steel Constructions

  • Stainless steel staircases, stair towers and newel stairs
  • Machine frames, skids and racks
  • Substructures
  • Conveyor technology
  • Containers
  • Other custom constructions
stainless steel constructions spiral staircase Edelstahl Weimar

Stair towers and stainless steel staircases

Spiral staircases made from stainless steel save space while making your plant look good! We design and manufacture any individual stair system made from stainless steel.

Tank platforms and walkways

We build access platforms, substructures and walkways for small and large tanks or silos.

Skids, racks and frames

Stainless steel machine frames for your application, incl. static optimization of the construction for individually given machine loads and further requirements.

Maintenance platforms and substructures

Substructures made from stainless steel for your machines, whenever cleanliness and aseptics play a role.

All types of stainless steel constructions

custom construction skid Edelstahl Weimar

All types and variations

Skids, frames and racks

No matter what size or shape – we design and manufacture the stainless steel machine frames, skids, racks and substructures for your application. Especially with our new tube laser we manufacture complex stainless steel assemblies efficiently and precisely!

Custom fit

Spiral staircase in our offices

To connect the two floors in the office in Weimar , we built our own spiral staircase made from stainless steel. The names of all employees were lasered into the railings. Our designers look forward to planning spiral staircases or other custom stair systems for our customers’ industrial plants.

stainless steel table-top support Edelstahl Weimar

Creative and elegant

Our stainless steel furniture

In 2021 we redesigned our offices. A custom, out of the ordinary table was needed for the meeting room. Our designers constructed the stainless steel table-top support in a wave shape, the solid wooden top was sourced from our partner for packaging wood. We also built a seating area with stainless steel supports in the same way.

stainless steel chair supports Edelstahl Weimar

We look forward to your request!