Steel manufacture expertise

Stainless steel platforms & mezzanines

stainless steel platforms mezzanines Edelstahl Weimar

Machine platforms

Large stainless steel platforms with high machine loads (up to well over 100 square meters)

stainless steel operating platform mezzanine Edelstahl Weimar

Operating platforms

Small and medium-sized stainless steel platforms in all variations

stainless steel walkways Edelstahl Weimar


Complex constructions with many stairs, ladders and railings

stainless steel machine platform mezzanine Edelstahl Weimar

Partner for plant construction

Our competencies

  • 100% stainless steel and aseptic: hygiene, reliability, easy cleaning and chemical resistance
  • Partner for the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Experience with national/international standards and seismic design
  • State-of-the-art, specialized machinery and 3D construction
  • Internal and external static calculation , also verifiable or with American PE stamp
  • Documentation and assembly worldwide


Our new cutting center

From 2022 on, all our cutting will happen in just a few meters distance from the first welding table – independently, ultra-modern and efficiently. We invested heavily and geared all aspects of the new machine hall to the production of platforms, mezzanines and walkways made from stainless steel – the flow of material is optimized. With our new tube laser cutting machine we save multiple days of processing time while increasing precision and quality. Visit us in Weimar and see our state-of-the-art stainless steel production for yourself!

3D construction design Edelstahl Weimar


Construction & static calculation

Everything starts with the design expertise of our engineers. We have gathered many years of specialized experience in the design of stainless steel constructions for industrial applications – with a focus on platforms and mezzanines. Thanks to our internal know-how in static analysis, we are constantly optimizing these constructions. We are beta testers at HiCAD and therefore always use the latest software features for 3D design. In combination with the Bystronic machine software, engineering and cutting run seamlessly and digitally.

Well assembled

Stainless steel platforms at our customer’s site

We deliver our platforms clearly marked with position numbers, so that final on-site assembly runs smoothly. Of course we also offer to do the assembly ourselves worldwide if desired. You can rest assured that everything will fit in the end.

stainless steel machine platform on-site Edelstahl Weimar

Stacked up

A second floor for the fiber laser

When we planned our new machine hall, we wanted to use every inch of space efficiently. When positioning all systems in the 3D model, it quickly became clear that the machine periphery (extraction system, air conditioning unit, compressed air station, etc.) would take up too much space. Luckily we build machine platforms – we were able to simply move some equipment to the second floor. All in all, this means lower costs of construction and a better flow of materials and work in the new hall. More information is available in our blog and in video .


Implemented Projects

These stainless steel platforms, mezzanines and walkways have already been assembled in international production halls.

Frames, railings and stairs

A look into our production

Durable and resilient


The frame is the central component of a machine or operator’s platform. This is where most of the static forces are dissipated and high loads become possible. So the frame has to be very strong without being oversized. Our designers and structural engineers know how to achieve the required stability with a minimum of material.

Adjustable and fitting


Our designers and structural engineers also use their know-how for placing and designing the platform supports. We have found solutions which optimize material costs compared to the industry standard, but obviously guarantee full stability. We will coordinate the positioning of all supports with you in detail. In addition, our platforms’ “feet” are of course adjustable, so that everything always fits during assembly.

Elegant and functional


Railings are essential for a safe operator’s platform – we manufacture these in all variations, according to your wishes. Large mezzanines and walkways require huge amounts of railings, which involve a particularly significant amount of work. More cutting, welding and polishing work is required. Our new machines make us significantly more efficient, since sheet metal and profiles can be cut to size in the shortest possible time, all parts fit precisely and our colleagues in production hardly have to measure and make corrections anymore.

Certified stability

Stairs and ladders

Stairs and ladders must be functional, slip-proof and conforming to industry standards and country norms. This ensures occupational safety and accident protection. While smaller platforms often only need one or two access steps, complex walkways often involve a large number of stairs and ladders. This is a major cost driver for platforms, which we minimize as efficiently as possible with our competent design, modern machinery and a smart modular system.

Ground and polished


We process sheet metal and surfaces according to your wishes. Especially in sensitive applications such as in the pharmaceutical industry, there are often very high requirements for surface quality, which we’ll obviously satisfy. But sometimes less is more – many of our customers prefer the cost advantage of unpolished material. We will coordinate all decisions with you and find the best solution!

We look forward to your request!