Flachbettlaser Buehne Edelstahl Weimar


Machine platforms made from stainless steel in our cutting center

When we planned our new machine hall last year, we had to use every inch of space efficiently. When positioning the machines in the 3D model, it became clear that the machine periphery (extraction system, air conditioning unit, compressed air station, etc.) would take up a lot of space. Luckily we build machine platforms – we were able to move some equipment to the second floor. All in all, this meant lower construction costs and a better flow of materials and work in the new hall.

In the time lapse video you can see the construction of our stainless steel platform for the compressed air station incl. in-house nitrogen self-generation (in the rear corner of the hall) and the construction of the platform for the periphery of our new Bystronic flatbed laser. Thanks to the two-story structure, we have gained more free and tidy space in our cutting center. This improves the work routes and material flow enormously. In addition, the high stainless steel railings protect the equipment on the second floor from being damaged by the indoor crane.

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