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Presenting our digital manufacture

Get-together with entrepreneurs from the Apolda-Weimarer Land region

On the evening of May 11th, we had a small event in Mechelroda: We were hosting the entrepreneurs’ get-together of the Wirtschaftsförder-Vereinigung Apolda-Weimarer Land e.V.. Among the 20 participants were chairman Michael Leiprecht from the job center, the district administrator Christiane Schmidt-Rose, representatives from IHK, Sparkasse and municipalities as well as numerous entrepreneurs.

The program included a tour of our design and planning office as well as the stainless steel manufacture in our workshop. Of course there was also a small demonstration of the new cutting center .

The motto of our presentation was Digital Manufacture. Modern production methods and the computer-assisted automation of repeat processes are combined at Edelstahl Weimar with craftsmanship in the production of unique constructions made from V2A. This is our model for remaining competitive with steel construction in Germany in the long term:

  • Individual stainless steel constructions instead of simple series production
  • Product and industry-specific know-how in construction and statics
  • Digital automation of time-consuming repeat processes
  • “Made in Germany” – quality in our stainless steel manufactory

We want to thank all participants for their interest and the stimulating discussions – we look forward to the next meetings!

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