Machine protection

Machine doors, frames and housings made of stainless steel

We manufacture various assemblies in the area of machine protection such as protection and lifting doors, fully assembled with windowpanes and counterweights. Our portfolio also includes components for clean room environments.

stainless steel machine door lift gate Edelstahl Weimar
stainless steel machine door Edelstahl Weimar

100% stainless steel

Machine Doors

We manufacture hygienic protection and lifting doors as well as housings for the machines of our partners in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry. The basic components of our machine protection assemblies are stainless steel frames, which we manufacture to custom dimensions. In addition, we cooperate with strong partners for windowpanes and other components. Short-term requests with individual dimensions are no problem with our long-term partners, flexibility is our strength.

Custom job order manufacturing

Experience with custom constructions

Almost every machine door manufactured by us has custom dimensions. With our new tube laser , we process the stainless steel components in the shortest possible time – and thanks to our machines’ welding seam preparation, consequent work then runs seamlessly in the workshop. Our employees have a high level of product-specific know-how and are used to the requirements of flexible custom production. Connect with us if you are looking for a strong, long-term partner in the field of steel construction and machine protection!

machine protection door stainless steel lift gate Edelstahl Weimar
3D construction design Edelstahl Weimar

Digital skill

Managing big data

We are the ideal long-term partner for plant manufacturers because we brought our manufacturing expertise well into the digital age. We reveal our strengths especially with assemblies such as machine protection doors, which often require hundreds of individual components in custom designs and dimensions. Time-consuming processes such as procurement are automated – this saves time and money.

We look forward to your request!