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Our new machinery

Bystronic tube laser Edelstahl Weimar

Tube laser

Incl. 3D laser head

Bystronic flatbed fiber laser Edelstahl Weimar

Flatbed laser

fiber laser

Bystronic press brake Edelstahl Weimar

Press brake

high-precision & automated

Ready for the future

Everything’s new since 2022

We have expanded our production hall and invested in new, state-of-the-art machines. Every centimeter of the hall has been meticulously optimized for the use of the new systems, so that a perfect material flow and short work routes are guaranteed.

The new machine hall is directly connected to our production and feeds it with perfectly prepared material in the shortest possible way. We do all the cutting here with a flatbed and a tube laser and then bend the parts. With the tube laser, all drilling work, regardless of the shape, can now be completed in a matter of seconds.

new machinery Edelstahl Weimar
Hermle CNC big Edelstahl Weimar

Mechanical machining

Modern CNC machines

We have several 5-axis machining centers from manufacturers AXA and Hermle in use. Together with our sister company Weimar Werk GmbH , we offer a very high level of vertical integration (including a modern paint shop) and the capacity for large-scale projects.


Engineering and automation

In order to really exploit the potential of the new machines, modern work processes are required in design and construction. All machines are connected via the Bystronic software, which makes many processes much simpler. We have also developed some IT automatisms that take care of repeat processes that occur specifically in our company at the push of a button. We design with the 3D CAD software HiCAD, which, in combination with the Bystronic software, enables a smooth workflow. We use MicroFe for our internal static calculations.

3D construction design Edelstahl Weimar
on-site nitrogen self-generation Airco machine platform Edelstahl Weimar


on-site nitrogen self-generation

No greenwashing, but a real win-win solution: We use our nitrogen self-generation to operate our new laser cutting systems. The solar power from the roof of our new machine hall is used to convert compressed air into pure nitrogen. This lowers the costs for us and the environment. In addition, we are independent of suppliers and always able to work. With our six gas bundles, we can convert and store around 1000 kWh of electricity into nitrogen – over a sunny weekend this happens using only solar power.



We can now do the entire cutting including bending and drilling work ourselves. This saves time and money, especially in economically uncertain times.



Sawing and drilling jobs that used to take a week can now be completed in a few hours. This reduced our processing time by a few days.



By reducing the overall cutting times, we can now lasercut the sheets and profiles for entire projects in one go. This also significantly reduces waste.



By simulating the programs, sources of error are eliminated before production. Welding seam preparation and our modular system bring all parts perfectly into production.

Tube laser in action

Pictures from the new hall

Watch the video of our cooperation with Bystronic and get an insight into the new machine hall. This is what stainless steel manufacture looks like in 2022!

Interested in our new cutting center? Ask our expert!

Bernd Weigmann Edelstahl Weimar
Bernd Weigmann
Construction & Programming