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Stainless steel platforms from Weimar

When a customer orders a platform from us, our computers are running at full speed. Then we design the platform, statics are calculated, design improvements are incorporated – until our customer approves the construction. Then all design files are loaded into the Bystronic machine software. Our laser cutting machines cut sheet metal and profiles to size in no time, and the modern press brake makes bending easy and precise – our operators can concentrate on quality control and pre-sorting of the components.

After the first component for the stainless steel platform has entered our workshop through the large gate of our cutting center, the handicraft begins. Our colleagues in manufacture have been working exclusively with stainless steel for years and are passionate about this material. Our clean stainless steel production is part of our company identity.

Quality welding is of course at the heart of our stainless steel manufacture, but necessary auxiliary work is also carried out with care. However, correction works and multiple re-measurements have largely become obsolete due to perfect machine preparation of the welding seam – all parts fit and are ready to be processed directly. Deburring is also no longer necessary due to the precise laser cuts.

Once the frame, supports, stairs and handrails have been welded, the sheet surface and pre-assembly begin. Normally, we briefly assemble all stainless steel platforms in our workshop to ensure that everything fits. All components are then provided with item numbers and neatly packed – assembly on the construction site is then easy.

While the finished stainless steel platform is being packed, two or three new projects have already arrived in our workshop. But it’s nice to be able to see a clean end product on a regular basis:

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